We are extremely pleased to announce that, this year, the Italian Society of Educational Research (Società Italiana di Ricerca Didattica - SIRD) has awarded its annual Aldo Visalberghi Prize for empirical research applied to education to a paper published in the third 2018 issue of the Italian Journal of Educational Technology (IJET).

 The winning paper is:

Tonelli, D., Grion, V., & Serbati, A. (2018). L'efficace interazione fra valutazione e tecnologie: evidenze da una rassegna sistematica della letteratura (The effective interaction between assessment and technologies: findings from a systematic review). Italian Journal of Educational Technology, 26(3), 6-23. doi: 10.17471/2499-4324/1028 

 Our congratulations go to the authors for their success, which is also a boost for IJET's reputation!

 The IJET editors,

Donatella Persico, Stefania Manca, Francesca Pozzi