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Developing TPACK of university faculty through technology leadership roles


This paper reports on a study that explored how faculty who take on technology leadership roles developed TPACK knowledge and built capacity for technology-enhanced teaching. The study was the second phase of a professional development initiative, called the Digital Pedagogies Collaboration, in a Faculty of Education. Four faculty, who had participated in technology workshops, volunteered to conduct workshops on technologies they had integrated into their own instruction. A qualitative case study design was used and data included pre- and post- interviews, videotaped technology workshops, and workshop artifacts. Findings show that taking on a leadership role as a workshop facilitator improved faculty members’ knowledge and skills around teaching with technology (TPACK). Moreover, the TPACK-based Professional Learning Design Model (TPLDM) was useful for designing content- centric workshops and the Faculty as Technology Leaders was a component that extended the TPACK Leadership Theory of Action Model (Thomas, Herring, Redmond, & Smaldino, 2013).


TPACK; Teacher Education; Professional Development; Case Study; Faculty Technology Leadership; Educational Technology; Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

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